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Pen-Pencil Pastel Pouch

You Will Need:

Fevicryl Acrylic Colours Black 02, White 27, Fevicryl Acrylic Colours Pastel Kit, Fine Art Canvas Sheet, Fine Art Brushes, A4 White Paper Pencil, Yellow Carbon Paper, Aqua Colour Wool, Needle, Colour Palette, Water Container

Product Used:
Description :

Make these beautiful pouches at home using Canvas sheet and Pastel Colour kit. This simple DIY will be the best giveaway gift for kids.

STEP 1 : Source the base material
  • Take Fine Art Canvas Sheet, mark and cut the sheet measuring 17”x 4” in size.
  • Make a fold on the 7” according to the size of a pencil and 3” for the flap of the pouch.
STEP 2 : Draw and trace the design.
  • Take A4 white paper, draw a few motifs from mother nature on it in the size of the pouch.
  • Trace the same design on the pouch using yellow carbon paper.
STEP 3 : Paint the design
  • Paint the design with Acrylic Colours of your choice from the Pastel Kit. Let it dry.
STEP 4 : Finishing touches
  • Paint outline of each motif, the details of the eyes, facial expressions using Acrylic Colours Black 02 and White 27. Leave it to dry.
  • After drying, stitch the edges of the pouch with a simple overlocking stitch pattern using Aqua colour wool.
STEP 5 : Final look
  • Your pastel motif pouch is ready, you can store your colourful pen and pencils in them.