Intricate . Ornate . Luxurious . Opulent
That’s Zardozi for you.
Zardozi literally means embroidery with gold. This form of embroidery is impressively Ornamental.
The Golden Heritage
It takes 25 years to master the art of Zardozi
The origin of Zardozi can be traced back to Persia. Today, it is found across India, Iran & Pakistan. Original Zardozi was done with pure silver wires coated with real gold.
An ode to the Karigars
Zardosi is and 2000 year old craft.
Zardozi is sheer magic of nimble fingers and imaginative designs by the talented karigars.Each design is delicately made with a crochet-like hook needle, dabka, katori, tikena, sitaara and khaat.
Fevicryl Fabric Glue is the first of its kind in India that replaces stitching and empowers the craftsmen to build something beautiful.
Fevicryl Fabric Glue is a hallmark of superlative quality of work on the garments and can be used for sticking beads, sequins, lace, ribbons, appliques, foil, mirror work, zharkhan, glitter dust, cords and seams on fabric and variety of substrates.
Fevicryl Fabric Glue provides superior best in class wash-fastdness on all substrates and appliques within 7 days.
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