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Madhubani Table Runner

You Will Need:

Fevicryl Fabric Colours Burnt Sienna 201, Black 202, Chrome Yellow 203, Maroon 214, Orange 217, Sap Green 221, White 227, Cerulean Blue 232, Fevicryl Fabric Glue, Fine Art Canvas Sheet, Fine Art Brushes, Half Meter Orange Fabric, Colourful Pom-poms, Scissors, A3 White Paper, White Carbon Paper, Pencil, Needle & Thread, Colour Palette, Water Container

Product Used:
Description :

This Madhubani table runner can be made just in a days time, spread the table runner on the dining table and give it a designer look.

STEP 1 : Source the base material
  • Take a Canvas sheet and cut it to the desired size of your table runner.
  • We have taken Canvas sheet of size 12”x 16”.
  • Mark and draw the boxes on it.
STEP 2 : Sketch the Design
  • Take the canvas sheet, paint the boxes with Fevicryl Fabric Colours Burnt Sienna 201, Chrome Yellow 203, Maroon 214, Orange 217, Sap Green 221, Cerulean Blue 232 and Sky Blue 263. Let it dry.
  • Take A3 white paper and draw Madhubani motifs like birds, flowers, fish.
STEP 3 : Trace the design
  • Trace the Madhubani motifs in the boxes with white carbon paper.  
STEP 4 : Paint the motifs
  • Paint the motifs with appropriate colours and outline with Fabric Colours Black 202. Let it dry.
STEP 5 : Finishing touches
  • Take an orange fabric, mark and cut the fabric measuring 14”x 18” in size.
  • Stick the painted canvas sheet on the fabric by leaving a 1” border from all sides using Fabric Glue. Let it dry.
  • Attach colourful pom-poms towards the 4 corners of the base using needle & thread.
STEP 6 : Final look
  • Your final runner will look like this after finishing touches are completed.