Lotus Bottle

You Will Need:

Fevicryl Acrylic Colours Golden Yellow 09, Maroon 14, Orange 17, Pink 18, White 27, Neon Pink 018, Fevicryl Mouldit, Fevicryl Fabric Glue. Fine Art Brushes, Glass Bottle, Piece Of White Cotton Fabric, Scissors, Pencil, Clay Carving Tools, Rolling Pin, Paper Cutter, Woolen Thread( Pink), Colour Palette, Water Container

Product Used:
Description :

Mixed media is so much fun to create with so many possibilities. Here is a cool inspiration made with fabric on bottles and Fevciryl range of products. This unique bottle décor is sure to make for a focal point in your scheme.

STEP 1 : Source the base
  • We are going to decorate the glass bottle in to beautiful piece of art using the piece of the white cotton fabric and Mouldit.
  • We giving the flow of the water by depicting it with the piece of the fabric.
  • Take plain glass bottle.
STEP 2 : Cover the bottle
  • Cover the bottle by sticking the white cotton fabric piece with crumpled effect to depict the flow of water using Fabric Glue.
  • Let it dry completely.
STEP 3 : Paint the bottle
  • Paint the bottle with acrylic Colour White 27.
  • Let it dry.
  • Make 2 such bottles.
STEP 4 : Mix Mouldit
  • We are going to make the lotus motif with Mouldit by creating the layers of the petals and the view of lotus from the top angle.
  • Take Mouldit resin base and hardener, mix it thoroughly to make even dough.
STEP 5 : Make layers of lotuses
  • Take the dough, roll it to make a medium thick slab with rolling pin.
  • Let the slab get semi dry, draw the lotus motif starting from the small shape to big.
  • Cut along the outlines of the lotus motif neatly.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Refer to the image.
STEP 6 : Paint them
  • Paint the lotus in shading effect using Acrylic Colours Golden Yellow 09, Maroon 14, Orange 17, Pink 18, White 27 and Neon Pink 018.
  • Let it dry.
STEP 7 : Stick the layers
  • Let’s stick the layers one by one from the bigger to the smaller with the help of the Fabric Glue.
  • Leave it to dry completely.
STEP 8 : Stick the flowers on the bottles
  • Stick the layered lotus motifs on the bottle with Fabric Glue.
  • Leave it to dry completely.
STEP 9 : Finishing
  • Take the pink woolen thread and wind it around the mouth of the bottle using Fabric Glue.
  • Let it dry.
  • Your bottle with Lotus motif will look like this.