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Elephant Money Envelope

By Hobby Ideas Team
Oct. 20, 2020
You Will Need :

Fevicryl Fabric Colours Black 202, Chrome Yellow 203, Violet 225, White 227, Sky Blue 263, Fevicryl Acrylic Colour Neon Pink 018, Fevicryl Acrylic Colour Pearl Metallic Gold 352, Fevicryl Fabric Glue, Fine Art Canvas Sheet, Fine Art Brushes, Pencil, Used Jeans Pants, Scissors, Woolen Pom –Poms, Needle and Thread, Velcro, Colour Palette, Water Container

Description :

How cute are these money envelopes made with denim fabric and Fevicryl Fabric Glue! Read more to learn how to make these in a jiffy.


STEP 1 : Making the base

• We are going to make the elephant shaped money envelopes for gifting from old jeans.

• Take any old jeans with any colour of your choice. We have taken two shades fabric from two different jeans.

• Mark and cut two elephant shapes along with the mirror image pieces for the same.

• Stick the edges with Fabric Glue.

• Let it dry.


STEP 2 : Stitch the shapes

• Similarly take the needle and the thread and stitch the edges with blanket stitch evenly.

• Refer to the image.


STEP 3 : Cut canvas sheet

• Take the piece from the canvas sheet. Mark and cut two pieces from the sheet in English letter “ U”.

STEP 4 : Cutting fabric for caparisons

• Similar take the pieces of the fabric ( we have taken yellow and orange colour fabric). Mark and cut the pieces of “ U” shape out of it.

• Cover the canvas cutout piece with the yellow and orange colour fabric securing it with Fabric Glue.

• Let it dry.

• Caparisons for the back of the elephant are ready.

• Draw simple horizontal patterns on it with a yellow pencil.

• Refer to the image.


STEP 5 : Painting the caparisons

• Paint the first coat of Fabric Colour White 227 on it.

• Let it dry.


STEP 6 : Painting and assembly

• Paint the horizontal patterns on it using Fabric Colours Black 202, Chrome Yellow 203, Violet 225, White 227, Sky Blue 263, Acrylic Colour Neon Pink 018 and Pearl Metallic Gold 352.

• Let it dry.

• Attach the caparisons on the back of the elephant using Fabric Glue. Let it dry.

• Take the piece of the Velcro and attach it from the rear side of the Caprisons using Fabric Glue.

• Similarly attach the yellow Pom- Poms with Woolen Strand as the tail of the elephant with the help of a needle and thread.


STEP 7 : Finishing

• Both the elephants will look like this after finishing.

• Money envelope for gifting is ready.