Fevicryl Artshaala Summer Cam

By Hobbyideas Team | Mumbai

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Summer is all about bringing the artistic side right on canvas! Art is therapy and this summer indulge yourself in one with Fevicryl's  "ARTShaala- Summer Camp".  Learn the art of painting and create one that narrates your story!

Learning art doesn't have an age and the same is for this workshop. Kids above 10 years can join us live to learn this art from one of the finest artists, Charu Gupta.

When: 16th May 2022 onwards
Time: 3:00pm to 5:30pm

Send us an image of your Fevicryl Combo kit or the bill for the kit required before 12th May 2022 on the following email ID - hobbyideas@pidilite.co.in to register. Please mention ‘Fevicryl ArtShaala Summer Camp’ in the subject line while sending the email.

There are no fees for this workshop. You only need to source the materials.

Click on the link to get your own set of Fevicryl Combo kit and join this amazing class with our expert!