Kondapalli Doll

You Will Need:

Fevicryl Acrylic Colours - Black 02, Chrome Yellow 03, Crimson 04, Light Green 12, White 27, Flesh Tint 30, Cerulean Blue 32, Neon Pink 018, Fevicryl Acrylic Colours Pearl Metallic - Gold 352, Fevicryl Mouldit, Fevicryl Fabric Glue, Fine Art Brushes, Plastic Glass, 2 Plastic Tennis Ball (Small and Big), 2 Pencils, Plastic Bottle Pencils, Clay Carving Tool, Rolling Pin, Paper Cutter, Scissors, Pencil, “U” Clip (“U” Paper Pin), Empty 3D Outliner Glitter Bottle, Colour Palette, Water Container.

Product Used:
Description :

Famous for their lightweight and vibrant colours, Kondapalli Dolls get their intricacy from Andhra Pradesh.​

Create these Dolls using Fevicryl Mouldit and Fevicryl Acrylic Colours 

STEP 1 : Source the base material
  • We are going to make the traditional Kondapalli doll using the materials that are redundant along with Fevicryl Mouldit.
  • For the base stand of the doll, we will need an empty water bottle.
STEP 2 : Mix Fevicryl Mouldit
  • Take the Mouldit - resin base and hardener, mix it thoroughly to form an even dough.
STEP 3 : Clay slab technique
  • Roll it to make a thin slab with a rolling pin.
STEP 4 : Make the design
  • Cover the base of the bottle by sticking the slab with Fabric Glue.
  • Create some design with a pen refill and clay carving tools on the base.
  • Let it dry.
STEP 5 : Assemble the material
  • Similarly, we will need two pencils for the legs of the doll, a plastic / tissue glass for the ghagra (garment) with a half-cut tennis ball for sticking it to the base of the glass an empty 3D Outliner Glitter Bottle for the upper body of the doll, small tennis ball for the head of the doll.
STEP 6 : Assemble the doll
  • Take the Mouldit slab to cover the pencils, to make the two legs, foot, and ankle jewellery. Cover the bottom side base of the glass to form the ghagra with decorative details using clay carving tools.
  • Cover the glitter bottle with the dough to make the upper body and carve the jewellery. Cover the tennis ball to make the face with facial details, crown for the head with clay carving tools using Fabric Glue for sticking.
  • Make sure that you put a U clip (pin, paper clip) with the bend in the center of each clip, further for the movement of each body part of the doll.
  • Refer to the image.
STEP 7 : Paint the design
  • Paint the body parts with details of the doll using Acrylic Colours - Black 02, Chrome Yellow 03, Crimson 04, Light Green 12, White 27, Flesh Tint 30, Cerulean Blue 32, Neon Pink 018 and Pearl Metallic - Gold 352.
  • Let it dry.
STEP 8 : Final look
  • Attach each part to assemble and make the Kondapalli doll as shown in the image.