Dancing Girl With Swipe Technique

Dancing Girl With Swipe Technique



Fluid art is beautiful; it is unique! The colours flow with a life of their own and make more amazing abstract art, but what if you create something more with these lovely mix of colours? We tried doing just that and voila here it is!

There is no limit to the number of ways you can pour colours onto the surface to create art. Each artist has his or her own way of pouring and the resultant art also varies. That is the beauty of acrylic pouring and fluid art.

What do we need to make this lovely canvas? Here is the list ( you can also customise as per your choice):

  1. Fevicryl Acrylic Colours – Black 02, White 27, Pink 18 , Prussian Blue 19, Pearl Metallic Gold 352, Chrome Yellow 03
  2. Fine Art Canvas 12 by 12 inches
  3.  Pencil
  4.  Pouring Medium
  5.  Silicone oil
  6.  Visiting card or OHP sheet
  7.  Old tooth brush
  8.  Styrofoam Glasses 6
  9.  Ice-cream sticks 6
  10. Fine Art brushes
  11.  Water Container
  12.  Palette

And here is how we make it:

Take a 12 by 12 inches Fine Art Canvas board or stretched canvas. Ensure that the canvas is primed properly and has no weaving defects.

Then Draw a dancing girl in the center of the canvas. Draw a lamp in the left corner of the canvas.

Take Acrylic Colours Pink, Violet, Prussian Blue, Black and Pearl Metallic Gold ( 15 ml each) in separate Styrofoam glasses. Mix pouring medium in the colours in the ratio 2 parts of colour to one part of medium. Add a few drops of silicone oil in each colour. Pour each from the waist of the girl to the bottom of canvas in vertical bands to depict the skirt of the lady. Now pour some pink colour at the top of these bands and with a help of a card or OHP sheet swipe the colours in a downward motion. The cells will appear automatically.

Colour the top of the lady with Acrylic Colour Pink; the bun with a mix of Acrylic Colour White and Black and the lamp using Acrylic Colour Black and Chrome Yellow. Let it dry.

Now paint the background with Acrylic Colour Black. Spray some Acrylic Colour White onto the canvas to depict star dust.

Leave the canvas to dry completely.

And we have lovely dancing girl canvas with a pour swipe ready! Wouldn’t this make a lovely gift to your friends and family? Do try and let us know your feedback.

Ciao till next :)