5 Easy Techniques To Paint Your Wall

5 Easy Techniques To Paint Your Wall


5 Easy techniques to paint your wall


Want to paint your walls the easy way? Look no further! Here we have some super easy ways to paint the walls and give them a makeover!


Stencil painting

A cool way to transform your walls is stencil painting. You may buy some stencils online or make them using plastic sheets or cardboards at home. Trace the design on the board or plastic sheet and cut out the negative area using a paper cutter and your stencil is ready. When paint with a roller or a brush is applied on the stencil the design is copied below; this technique is used to make a focal point or repeated patterns on a wall. The steps to do stencil painting on a wall are:

  1. Prepare the wall by filling the gaps and sanding any bumps or loose paint.
  2. Prime the wall if required. Let it dry
  3. Tape the stencil on the wall with a masking tape.
  4. Apply colour over the stencil using a roller or a brush. Please ensure that there is not too much of paint on the roller or brush otherwise the colour will bleed from the corners of stencil. Tap the brush onto a newspaper to remove excess paint.
  5. Apply the paint over the stencil with the brush at a 90 degree angle. Do multiple layers of paint to ensure good coverage. Check!
  6. Remove the tape and then the stencil gently from the wall and move to the next bit of the wall. Check the underside of the stencil to ensure that there is no paint sticking to the edges. Repeat.


Leaf prints

Want to bring a bit of nature into your living space? This is an easy peesy way to do so- paint one of your walls with leaf prints. It will give an accented and fresh look to your living space. So how do you do this? Here are the steps:

  1. Select the leaves as per the space and the design and colour scheme. Wipe them with a wet wipe.
  2. Prepare the wall.
  3. Mix the paint in a shallow bowl or a plate.
  4. Dip the leaf in the paint. Do ensure that the paint doesn’t drip excessively.
  5. Lift the leaf and stamp on the wall. Repeat.
  6. Alternatively you may brush the leaf with acrylic paints and stamp.
  7. Let it dry.



Vegetable print

Almost similar to leaf painting is making a vegetable print. It just entails cutting a vegetable like a potato or okra or a carrot or onion in a desired shape and make a pattern on the wall using them. Dip them into paint and make a stamp on the wall. Repeat.


Masking technique

Probably one of the easiest ways to paint geometrical designs on the wall is by using a masking tape. Some very beautiful patterns can be creating using this resist technique. You just need a masking tape or painter’s tape and Fevicryl colours of your choice for this method. The steps are:

  1. Prepare the wall by filling holes and cracks.
  2. Apply the tape in a pattern on the wall. Don’t make very tiny patterns. Leave a small tab at the end of tape so that they can be pulled off easily. Ensure that the tap has stuck to the wall properly.
  3. Pour the colour onto a palette or a plate. Dip your brushes or roller and start painting on the full area over the tape too. You may use multiple paints too and then some pearl paints too.
  4. Leave it to dry and then peel off the tape and voila!


Creating textures

And lastly you may create interesting textures on the wall using a comb, bubble wrap, making a splatter with a brush, a sponge or a roller. It is your playground and you may create myriad interesting textures on your wall to give it an eclectic feel and a stamp of your personality!

Do try these simple yet effective ways to paint your walls and you will surely the cynosure of all eyes.

Ciao till the next!