Fevicryl Mouldit - 800gms

₹ 250.00

(Contains 400gms Hardener & 400gms Resin) Fevicryl Mouldit is used to mould and create shapes and 3D works of all art like wall hangings, vases etc. The finished article can be painted with Fevicryl range of colours. Instructions for use -

  1. Take equal quantities of Mouldit resin and hardener.
  2. Mix both by rolling between the palms. By rolling, it elongates.
  3. Fold it into half and roll it again.
  4. Repeat the process, till it uniformly mixes and becomes completely white.
  5. For a glossy / smooth finish, run a wet finger over the created object before it dries.

Note – Mouldit hardens within 90 minutes at 27*C. Do not use on areas coming in contact with flame / high temperature/ edibles/drinking water. After use wash hands with soap.