Fevicryl Fluid Acrylic Pouring Kit

₹ 275.00
  • Pidilite Fevicryl Fluid Acrylic Pouring is a complete kit to do all the pouring techniques. Artists can make their own mix with different consistency as required in the technique, as pouring medium comes separately in the kit.
  • Comes with Silicone Oil for cell creation.
  • Augmented Reality on the packs for the consumer to experience acrylic pouring first hand.
  • Make 2 & more canvases easily with the quantity of colours provided in the kit.
  • Kit contains Three 100ml Acrylic Colours, Three Pouring Mediums andOne Silicon Oil bottle.
  • CREATE ABSTRACT ART - The kit enables you to produce beautiful, vibrant, and vivid colours to create unique abstract art. You can experiment with different techniques to make memorable and standout pieces
  • NO EXPERTISE NEEDED - To use this DIY painting kit, you do not require any specific artistic skills or knowledge. An affinity for colours and a love for painting is all it takes to start your first masterpiece that could be further framed at home
  • MULTIPLE TECHNIQUES - The fluid acrylic DIY kit allows you to experiment with numerous pouring techniques to achieve patterns. These include the swipe, swirl and ring pour & more
  • MULTIPLE SURFACES - The paints can be mixed with the medium and then used on surfaces such as mirrors, wood, canvas, tiles and more too
  • GIFTING PURPOSES - The kit can also double up as an excellent gift or return gift for children, and even adults & is Ideal for Home Decor as well

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