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Quilled Peacock

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By hsruti | Other,

Difficulty Level Intermediate
Quilled Peacock | Hobbyideas
A good idea to decorate greeting cards
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how to do it yourself

STEP 1:-

Take a quilling strip and make a tight coil. Stick a different colour paper using Fevicol MR and roll that colour strip till you make approx. 19 rounds

STEP 2:-

Coil a black paper , then stick white paper roll it , stick blue paper and roll it. Make a triangle coil from yellow . then stick the triangle on the edges of blue coil.

STEP 3:-

Make six S shapes and stick it for the face abd the beak as shown in the picture.

STEP 4:-

Make ten circles of blue colour for wing then stick four circles then on top of it three circles then on top of it two circles then on top of it one circle then roll blue paper on sides of wing and stick it on middle of paper.

STEP 5:-

Stick blue paper from neck then make a long circle and stick it on the inside. Make ten pink circles and stick it in the inside gap.

STEP 6:-

Make six small yellow cresents then make two yellow circles and stick those circles then below to form the each leg.

STEP 7:-

Take all colourful coils that you have made and paste them for the body, stick three together, below it four then five, then below it four and lastly below it three, to complete the peacock.

STEP 8:-

Take three small strips of yellow then make three loose coils then stick them on top of the head

you will need

Fevicol MR, Slotted Quilling Tool, Quilling Strips, White Paper