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Blue Pottery Ceramic Plate With Lippan Art

You Will Need:

Fevicryl 3D Outliners- Blue 702, White 707, Fevicryl Water Based Glass Colours- White, Sea Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Fevicryl Mouldit, Fevicryl Fabric Glue, Fine Art Brushes, 9" Diameter Glass Plate, Paper, Pencil, Marker, Glass Mirrors (Square & Round Small Size), Clay Carving Tools, Paper Cutter, Colour Palette, Water Container

Product Used:
Description :

How beautifully two folk arts of India have come together to make this lovely DIY! Lippan from Kutch, Gujarat and Blue Pottery from Rajasthan have their distinctive styles but can complement each other so uniquely.

STEP 1 : Take a plate
  • We are going to paint the glass plate with blue pottery design and going to decorate it with Lippan art using mirrors.
  • Take plain glass plate measuring 9” in diameter.
STEP 2 : Draw the design
  • Take A3 white paper draw the blue pottery design on it.
  • Place the design below the glass plate and mark it on the plate with CD marker.
STEP 3 : Paint the base from rear
  • Paint the plate from the rear side with Acrylic Colour White 27.
  • Let it dry.
  • You can apply the varnish or the coat of Fevicryl Modge Podge on it to protect the layer of the colour.
STEP 4 : Paint the outline.
  • Paint the outline of the design with 3D Outliners Blue 702.
  • Enhance the centre of the flowers and pollens with 3 D Outliners White 707.
  • Let it dry.
STEP 5 : Paint the design
  • Paint the design using Water Based Glass Colours White, Sea Blue and Ultramarine Blue.
  • Let it dry completely.
STEP 6 : Mix Mouldit
  • We are going to decorate the Blue Pottery design by sticking the embedded mirrors in clay.
  • Take Mouldit resin base and hardener, mix it thoroughly to make even dough.
STEP 7 : Finishing
  • Take the dough and embed few square and small round mirrors.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Stick the embedded mirrors on the plate in between the design using Fabric Glue.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Your plate with blue pottery design and Lippan art will look like this.