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Santa Claus with GIft Box

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Best out of waste.... Cute Santa made using old shuttlecock & old invitation card converted in enovetiv gift box.It's very easy for childern,to make it... May God Bless you all.. Merry Christmas.

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How To Do it YourselfHow To Do it Yourself

step 1

Santa Claus with GIft Box

Santa claus- You will need- Old shuttlecock Some cotton Velvet paper Crafty eyes Red Sketch pen Feviquick gel or glue Scissors

step 2

Santa Claus with GIft Box

Take a shuttlecock wrap red velvet paper as shown.

step 3

Santa Claus with GIft Box

Take some cotton to make the beard,hair & whiskers and paste it with glue as shown .

step 4

Santa Claus with GIft Box

Make the cone with red velvet paper for cap then make a ball of cotton and fix it on point of cone and cover the border it with cotton's thin strip.

step 5

Santa Claus with GIft Box

Put cap on head and paste the eyes then after draw eyebrows and mouth. Now cute Santa Claus ready for..Decoration

step 6

Santa Claus with GIft Box

GIFT BOX- It is made with old invitation card and some creeper papers strips.

step 7

Santa Claus with GIft Box

You will need as shown above pic

step 8

Santa Claus with GIft Box

Cut the card into 2 petal, 2other type petal shape s and1 squier shapes shown as pic.

step 9

Santa Claus with GIft Box

Set the shapes with cello tape ...shown as pic.

step 10

Santa Claus with GIft Box

Decorat with quilled papers flowers, stones,beads.

step 11

Santa Claus with GIft Box

Now gift box ready You can putt toffes , chocolates and also small and cute Santa as a gift in this box. I hope you all like it.

You Will NeedYou Will Need

Old Shuttlecock,Red velvet paper,some cotton, crafty eyes, scissors,feviquick gel,glue,old invitation card, beads, thermocol deads, pencil,red sketch pen, stones, creeper papers strips.


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